Warner Music Group Looking For Spring 2023 Marketing Rep

Warner Music U is now hiring young music junkies with a passion for promotions, marketing, and event planning to join our team for the Spring 2023 Semester as paid marketing reps!

Interested? This should be you –

  • Obsessed with music. And we don’t mean one or two genres. You’re someone who can find a favorite song or artist in any genre. You may be an “expert” in a certain style, but you easily geek out over songs or artists in another and get your friends to as well.
  • Discovering new music and the challenge of promoting a virtually unknown artist excites you, and you can think of many creative ways to do so.
  • Outgoing and can (and do) talk to anyone.
  • Creative, dynamic, surprising, clever, elegant, unique, challenging, intelligent, compassionate, inspiring and determined describe your promotional and marketing styles.
  • Working in the music industry after graduation is your goal.
  • A self-starter excited about the idea of running your own projects.
  • Already well-connected within the university and know how to utilize your connections to make things happen (find speakers for a panel, secure a location for an event, obtain cosponsors, etc.).
  • Active user on socials, especially TikTok.
  • Willing to use your personal socials to create awareness and generate views for priority artists (regardless of genre) and brand partnerships.

Apply Here: https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=e56eb3596aa8264f&tk=1gnj1b2srln36801&from=serp&vjs=3