VocoPro Wireless Mic System Freebie - (archive: 3/17/17)

Win VocoPro’s New Wireless Mic System Line in This Week’s Friday Freebie!


VocoPro’s new MIB-QUAD line of mic-on-chip wireless mic systems come performance-ready in a gig bag in three different configurations of eight handheld, headset, lapel mics as well as wireless packs.

Perfect for musicians, singing groups and bands, VocoPro’s new multi-channel wireless microphone systems continue to provide excellent quality sound at an affordable cost. These new multi-channel microphone systems use VocoPro’s new mic-on-chip technology and come packaged in a custom gig-bag complete with balanced XLR cables so they are even easier to use and transport.


• Configurations of eight wireless handheld, headset, lapel microphones with wireless packs
• Each channel has a dedicated XLR output and volume control
• Future proof 900mhz frequency band
• 24-Bit digital technology delivers a clean, professional quality sound
• Individual digital microphone ID’s eliminates channel cross-talk
• Wide frequency response (50 - 20,000 Hz) ensures natural sounding vocals
• Two ¼” mixed outputs available
• Brackets included for the flexibility of mounting in a rack case
• Two different frequency sets available; total of 16 frequencies
• Includes BAG-28, heavy duty gig-ready bag


VocoPro is a California-based professional audio company that was founded in 1991. For more than two decades, the VocoPro name has been synonymous with professional karaoke systems, and still holds a top spot for high-end professional karaoke products. Providing the highest level of customer service in the industry, VocoPro understands that it takes more than a great product to keep a customer happy. A few of their many "world's first" designs include an all-in-one entertainment P.A. system, and a dual tray multi-format hard drive player. In addition to their many innovations, VocoPro’s multi-channel wireless microphones systems reign as the top-sellers for most major music retailers.

Retail value: $899.00