Virtually Attend Australia's ISOL-AID

ISOL-AID, in conjunction with The City of Port Phillip,  celebrates the very first footprints on this continent -  those belonging to our First Nations peoples. Australia’s first explorers, navigators, engineers, farmers, botanists, scientists, diplomats, astronomers and artists. For this week’s edition of ISOL-AID and thanks to The City of Port Phillip, we are teaming up with Candice Lorrae of The Merindas to celebrate NAIDOC Week.

Candice Lorrae is an award winning Jawoyn and Torres Strait Islander Artist with 20 years experience in the music industry, working independently as a vocalist, mentor and music producer. This week, Candice has hand-picked some extraordinary artists as part NAIDOC week with this year’s theme being “Always Was, Always Will Be”. This theme recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.

To begin the celebration, N’Arweet Dr. Carolyn Briggs AM will be conducting the Welcome To Country. N’Arweet Dr. Carolyn Briggs AM is a Boon Wurrung senior elder and the chairperson and founder of the Boon Wurrung Foundation. Her work has seen her involved in developing and supporting opportunities for Indigenous youth and Boon Wurrung culture for over 50 years. Carolyn was also awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2019 for her significant service to the Indigenous community and she sees this national recognition as part of her role as an elder.

This week’s curator Candice Lorrae is a member of The Merindas, a Melbourne based duo who are the synthesis of warrior queens. The duo bring an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. With the company of their producer Jake Steele, the group’s atmospheric fusion of Indigenous & electro-tribal pop sounds are presented with choreographed movement and slay attire.

We look forward to celebrating the immense talent in our country and encourage all viewers to educate themselves on the importance of NAIDOC Week and the story of our nation.

The festival is free to watch, and for our NAIDOC celebration online attendees are asked to help support the First Nations Support Line at Support Act. 100% of the money will be donated to this resource.

Attend the event on ISOL-AID Instagram. For more information, click here.