Vince Staples Signing

Vince Staples Signs to Motown Records

Recording artist Vince Staples has signed to Motown Records via the Blacksmith Recordings label. The news was announced earlier today at Capitol Congress 2019, the annual meeting for Capitol Music Group staffers and other music industry figures. Blacksmith Recordings is the new multi-genre label launched by veteran artist manager/ entertainment industry entrepreneur Corey Smyth in partnership with Capitol Music Group and Motown Records.

Following the release of the album FM!, Staples appeared on numerous “Best of 2018” lists. Releasing his critically acclaimed debut Summertime ’06 album in 2015, the then 20-year-old saw his life turned right side up, going from being nearly trapped to having what appeared to be complete freedom.

It’s a fundamental narrative in hip hop, but Staples brings forth a fresh vision that’s simultaneously brutal, elegant, playful and despondent. With FM!Big Fish TheoryPrima Donna and Summertime ’06 behind him, he has set the tone for what’s yet to come. Staples keeps his sound deeply tied to his west coast roots with a message that knows no boundaries.