Video of the Week: Nas Loves This Feeling

Rap icon Nas dropped his first album, Illmatic, back in '94 but he's showing no signs of either slowing down or easing up. If anything, Nas' foot is planted firmly on the gas.

That's clear from the opening frames of the video for new single "I Love This Feeling" which see the hip-hop star spinning wheels on a beautiful Mercedes. Next up, he's in a classroom laying down some truths for attentive students. Back to the car, and so on. It's an effective visual device.

The song is great too, packed with incisive lines such as, "If you don't have a team that's militant, you'd better be brilliant."

"Directed by Leff, the video embodies the introspective energy of the song as Nas reflects on his own life, while inspiring the next generation of artists," reads the press release. "Nas and Hit-Boy have had an unprecedented, historical ride togetheras Magic 3 is the duo's sixth album together in the last 3 years and serves as the third and final installment to the Magic series. Listen to Magic 3 HERE."

"King’s Disease was the pair's first trilogy; with both the first and second King’s Disease albums receiving  GRAMMY Award nominations for Best Rap Album, and garnering Nas his first ever GRAMMY Award for King’s Disease in 2020," they continue. "The series third installment, King’s Disease III, debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart and earned Nas another GRAMMY nomination at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards for Best Rap Album."

Nas' "I Love This Feeling" is out now.