Van Halen Doc is Looking For Music Stories

There is a major documentary on the iconic group VAN HALEN which is currently being produced. The film will focus on their early days and rise from playing backyard parties to electrifying the music world & stages all over the world for decades. The producers are seeking stories from industry execs that worked with them, people that encountered the band or members along the way with memorable stories, and musicians that were inspired by their playing to achieve things on their own.

Activate Documentaries are led by veteran execs that worked in the 70’s forward promoting the band’s early releases. They witnessed the meteoric rise and impact that Edward Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen & Michael Anthony had upon their 1978 release and string of multi-platinum albums. The Pasadena, CA bred band had five years or more of development and countless performances, including legendary backyard parties in Southern California that honed their songs and skills in preparation for groundbreaking world tours. These formative years of the Van Halen brothers are the focus of the documentary: from immigrating from the Netherlands, not speaking English in a modest home in the suburbs to joining forces with two area musicians and launching a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Record Execs, Radio DJs, Concert Promoters, Record Store Managers, Film/TV  Supervisors, Music Teachers and people that had experiences with them are encouraged to share your stories with the VH Documentary Producers. If you know people that have personal stories, please refer them to the email connection. People with Special VH memorabilia, photos and video are also encouraged to connect with producers.

Email your stories here to submit.