Up Close: VocoPro


From Video Rentals to Audio Systems: After running a small video shop in Downtown L.A. during the peak of VHS rentals in the mid-‘80s, Jason Hou saw the writing on the wall when big chains like Blockbuster began squeezing out the mom and pops. Visiting his parents in his native Taiwan, he was intrigued by their neighbor’s home karaoke machine and promptly contacted the Taiwanese software manufacturer Yoko. He quickly scored a deal to become their West Coast distributor. Combining his success with this venture with his onetime hobby of building speakers, Hou switched from software to hardware manufacturing, launching VocoPro and getting a toehold in the industry in the early ‘90s with a huge 150 laser disc changer. 

Though the company used Pioneer Electronics as a role model, it succeeded by becoming karaoke guys for the professional and home enthusiast and filling the gap between the high end Pioneer systems and the lower consumer/toy machine sector. For several decades now, VocoPro has been synonymous with professional karaoke systems. A few of their many “world’s first” designs include an all-in-one entertainment PA system and a dual tray multi-format hard drive player. In addition, the Laverne, CA-based VocoPro’s multi-channel wireless microphone systems rank as top sellers for most major music retailers.

A Dynamic Product History: Starting with their breakthrough shock resistant CDG-2000, VocoPro has enjoyed a long run of cutting edge, reasonably priced products. Among its most popular current systems are the HERO-REC 5&6 and the CHAMPION-REC 5&6. The HERO-REC 5&6 is a compact and portable 120W 4-speaker stereo system built around a 4-channel pro mic/line mixer and multi-format disc player that also supports SD and USB playback. In addition to jamming along with backing tracks, it allows users to make pro level recordings with the built-in SD recorder. The CHAMPION-REC 5&6 is VocoPro’s portable two piece mini-concert system with an easy-to-use SD recorder. It has a powerful 200W 6-speaker stereo system that sets up in seconds and includes a 4 channel mic/line mixer with DSP Reverb and Hiss Filtering.  

Digital Wireless Mics: VocoPro’s strongest sector is currently their line of digital wireless mics, most prominently their new BOOST-ACAPELLA-8, a 600-foot long range mic package. It allows the user to easily send a signal across a stage with an extended range booster, which helps reduce possible cut outs and opens up more possibilities via less restriction on distance. It’s a four microphone set with an antenna booster package and includes up to four frequency groups so that 16 mics can be used together with multiple boosters. A new related product that has been popular in churches and offices during the pandemic is the BOOST-CONFERENCE-4, which sends a signal across a hall with a booster whose range is also 600 feet. It includes a 16-inch adjustable gooseneck microphone. 

Says Jason Hou: “I have three kids, and I consider VocoPro to be my fourth baby. I have enjoyed seeing it grow and the way my team and I work to solve all issues and problems that may arise along the way to better serve our unique clientele with the best possible mid-priced systems. I most enjoy coming out with new products and the reactions we get when people ask, ‘How come nobody had thought about that before?’”

Contact VocoPro, 800-678-5348