Up Close: Electric Sun Studios

Electric Sun Studios


A Passionate Entrepreneurial Partnership: Launched in 2022 as Noyzr Music, the La Canada based studio and full-service production company recently rebranded as Electric Sun Studios is driven by the passionate musical partnership and entrepreneurial vision of its creators Matt Norman and Kellie Curtis. The son of a Swiss mother, Norman grew up in N.Y.C. and graduated from music school in Berlin, where he later built several studios in the early to mid-2010s while recording and touring as part of Faunshead, a hard rock band whose influences include psychedelic rock and grung and stoner rock. Since Norman moved back to the U.S.―first Nashville and then L.A.―his former partner has run the K61 Studio in Berlin; that facility and Electric Sun Studios are under the Noyzr umbrella. Curtis is a full-time radiologist and amateur musician who built a one-room studio in her home (with the help of a contractor neighbor) to work on personal projects.

Building the Studio: By the time she and Norman met through mutual friends, she had built up the space halfway. Their mutual desire to work together and create a lasting impact in the music industry led them to build it out to the commercial studio it is today―a control room and tracking room with top vintage and modern equipment, a collection of vintage guitars and guitar amps, high end mics, a NEVE 5088 console, outboard gear and more. There are several session drummers on call for sessions, and Norman offers his experience as a bassist and guitarist to clients who need it. More than a place indie artists come to record tracks, Electric Sun is a creative hub where artists are encouraged to expand their vision. 

The Aesthetic:  A fan of “everything from Beethoven to Kendrick Lamar,” Norman says the studio is open to artist from all genres but he has a dedicated passion to bringing back rock. Curtis says, “We also have a very comfortable lounge that’s part of the X factor, the vibe we’ve cultivated to ensure that artists feel we’re giving them a safe place to create. In bringing something new to the L.A. independent studio scene, our focus is on authenticity, originality and transparency. The beauty of it is that we both like to challenge ourselves to create something different for artists by thinking outside the box.” Norman adds, “If artists just need us to turn some knobs, we’ll do that. Or we’ll join them in sessions and build productions around what they are writing. In that sense, because we are so involved with artist development, we’re not like a traditional studio.”

Array of Equipment: Among other items in their arsenal, Electric Sun Studios has a vintage Pultec EQP-1A Tube Program Equalizer, an 1176 compressor and a pair of RM87’s ripped out from the famous Hit Factory board built by Roger Mayer and vintage outboard pres on top. Vintage mics include classics from Telefunken, Sennheiser and Neumann. All tracking―both analog and digital―goes through the main board into Pro Tools. The studio also has a wide variety of drums, guitars, basses, guitar pedals, synths, amps and cabinets. 

Contact Electric Sun Studios 646-712-3631