Unsigned Artist: Nick Noro


Nothing conventional here as archly clever pop-culture maven Nick Noro has a spare-yet-effective tech-hop sound that can be sinister (“Laura Croft”), catchy and perceptive (“Zegna Blazer”) and cleverly throwback in its nature (“David Yurman”). Each song is characterized by a humorously subversive, non-conformist attitude that pokes fun at high-class swag, video game addiction, pop culture figures and more. We like how on “David Yurman” the artist uses a throwback synth-pop vibe that recalls Depeche Mode and does his own thing with it to generate a compellingly trancey experience. Not the kind of stuff you’ll hear on the radio anytime soon—his voice is... let’s just say he’s not a singer. But we expect Noro could put on a show to remember.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: nicknoro.bandcamp.com
Seeking: Booking
Style: Hip-Hop