Universal Audio Supports Ukraine

An Open Letter of Support for Ukraine from Sandeep Gupta, COO, Universal Audio:

We at Universal Audio have been stunned and saddened by Russia's aggressive and inhumane invasion of Ukraine leaving millions of people displaced and in fear for their lives, families, and country. This includes Ukrainian members of the UA family that live and work in Kyiv.

Much of the world, including many governments and private corporations, has responded to this crisis with economic sanctions — hoping to move the Russian people to pressure their leadership to stop the war. After much consideration and discussion, we at Universal Audio have decided to act in support of the proud Ukrainian people.

We are pausing all UA sales and support activities in Russia and Belarus, and we have blocked all IP addresses from those countries on all our websites and services.

Secondly, beyond our own corporate donations, we have designated next Wednesday, March 16 as a special UA Giving Day. On that day, all online store proceeds will be donated to humanitarian relief efforts for the Ukrainian people. Please help spread the word!

We will continue to be in close contact with our Ukrainian staff as they defend their country and their families, some of whom have made it safely to Hungary. We will continue to apply pressure on Russia and do what we can to support the people of Ukraine and will stand with others who choose to do the same.

We hope that actions by the world community and companies like ours will bring an end to this senseless violence and look forward to a more peaceful future.