Trapt's "Reborn" Reviewed

By Andy Kaufmann 

Epochal Artist / EMI

Producer: Various
Score: 7 out of 10

Armed with a refreshed attitude borne out of their newfound freedom from label encumbrance, the aptly titled fifth LP from these nu metal melody smiths marks a new era for the band. Featuring fuzzed-out guitars and deft instrumental interplay, the disc brims with primo grade hooks, most notably on standouts “Livewire,” “Bring It” and “Strength In Numbers.” The downside is a creeping superficiality, where the persistently mediocre lyrics fail to elicit a core emotional response. The unavoidable truth is that we’ve been here before and also had it better. Look past elitist critiques, though, and you’ll experience a deviously catchy, high-voltage collection that will inevitably find you singing along.