Touchphonics "Destroy All Lines" Review


Destroy All Lines
Elevated Press Records
Producer: Touchphonics
Score: 6 out of 10

Among the “Five Elements of Hip-Hop” it’s the DJs that get the b-boys breaking, the MCs rapping and the graffiti artists bombing. It’s all there for the learning in seminal documentary Style Wars, where our own hero on the 1’s and 2’s finds his sample sources and album title coming out of the mouth of a bodacious young tagger named Skeme. Destroy All Lines. It’s all about getting your name up on those trains, so unsuspecting passersby of all styles learn your name. It’s similar with DJ/producer Touchphonics, a selector who tags his signature to drum and bass, dubstep, ragga, and hip-hop, of course—although an all hip-hop album with  guest rapper Juicy J may be in order.

By Daniel Siwek