Tool Sells Out Sunday Night Show in Raleigh, NC

Los Angeles-based rock band Tool wrapped up their six-week North American Tour in Raleigh, NC this past Sunday evening. Tool was touring in support of their fifth studio album Fear Inoculum released August 2019. Fear Inoculum is the first album from the band in 13 years. Opening support on the tour came from Killing Joke, an industrial rock band from London, England. The tour gave rock fans a nice sample of heavy, psychedelic tribal sounds from both bands.

For North Carolina fans, this was their first time seeing Tool perform in NC this calendar year. Tool was originally scheduled to perform at Epicenter festival in Rockingham, NC in May of 2019. The Saturday night headline performance was canceled due to severe thunderstorms that unexpectedly swept into the area. The festival was forced to evacuate everyone. It’s safe to say NC fans have waited long enough to see Tool.

Killing Joke, an industrial ‘quazi-metal’ rock band, opened up the evening. The five-part band started off the night with grunge and intriguing sounds. Shortly after, Tool took the stage and dove into “Fear Inoculum,” the title track off their new album. Maynard James Keenan on vocals, Adam Jones on guitar, Danny Carey on drums and percussion and Justin Chancellor on bass. The band is packed full of talent and they delivered a 14-song set that touched various decades of music.

Killing Joke

Set List via Set.fm

Fear Inoculum





Schism (Keyboard solo by Killing Joke keyboardist Roi Robertson)




Forty Six & 2


Chocolate Chip Trip


Stinkfist (Extended)

Maynard James Keenan, lead vocals in Tool, sang from two risers on the back left and right side of the stage. Maynard has said doesn’t like being the center of attention. With Tool, it’s all about the music, the band and the show, not himself.

Tool has a bit of a strict phone policy at their shows. The band wants you to enjoy the show and keep your phone away, otherwise you will be thrown out. The rule was enforced at the Raleigh show but when speaking to seasoned Tool fans, this is nothing new. Keenan did end up letting fans pull their phones out on the final song to film the band.

Drummer Danny Carey was a highlight of the night. His performance was dynamic and powerful. Carey opened the three-song encore with a 10 min drum and percussion solo to “Chocolate Chip Trip.” Tool concluded their North American tour on Nov. 25  in Washington, DC at Capitol One Arena.


Killing Joke