U2 Joshua Tree Tour - Title Trackers petition - photo by Anton Corbijn

The Title Trackers Launch Petition for U2 to Play Title Track on Joshua Tree Tour

Live Nation recently announced that U2 will return to select stadiums this year with U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the band’s classic album. Each show will include a performance of The Joshua Tree in its entirety, with support from one of a number of special guests including Mumford & Sons, OneRepublic and the Lumineers in North America and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in Europe.

Los Angeles-based trio the Title Trackers claim to make it their musical duty to create and thus provide title tracks for albums lacking one, which includes the song “Chopping Down the Joshua Tree” for U2’s The Joshua Tree. In response to the news of U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour—and the addition of more tour dates due to tickets selling out quickly—the Title Trackers have launched a petition with a goal of 1,000 signatures to persuade U2 to play their title track on tour.

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The Title Trackers member Russell Wiener comments, “We wrote and performed [“Chopping Down the Joshua Tree”] in their style. In fact we managed to fool some people into thinking it WAS U2 when we were beta testing our album.”

Photo by Anton Corbijn

To read more in detail and leave your signature, visit ipetitions.com/petition/urge-u2-to-play-the-title-track-to-the-joshua-tree