Tip Jar: Speak the Language of the Music Business

Results of Ignorance

Seven months later, I got a call from a well-established music supervisor whom I hadn’t talked to in quite some time. We were catching up, and he mentioned to me that this same artist’s music had caught his ear. He, too, was blown away by the music, but ended up walking away from the deal he offered the artist:

... Because the artist didn’t know what is typical on film placement deals and wasted valuable time making unrealistic demands.

... Because the Music Supervisor was nervous that the artist would make him look bad to the movie producers and directors with whom he has spent years cultivating trusted relationships.

... Because time is precious, and he didn’t have the time to teach the artist about the business.

... Because there are many other artists with quality material to choose from who already know how the business of music works.

It gets worse.

There are roughly 30 music supervisors in Hollywood who control 90% of the music that gets placed in major films and TV shows. They know each other very well––and they all talk. Word in this business travels very fast.

And the artist hasn’t been able to penetrate the industry since then.

Bottom Line

The artist refused to learn to speak the language of the music business, and paid for it with his dream.

You could learn the fundamentals of the music business on your own by Googling the terms mentioned above. Or try to pick up information from your more experienced music friends. (Check out Music Connection regularly!)

But to learn it quickly and correctly from someone who’s been there and done that, we will be doing an entire session on “Vital Music Business Fundamentals” at Joe Solo’s Malibu Beach House Music Success Retreat, which I will be presenting this March. (Go to MusicCareerSuccess.com for details.)

In the meantime, if you have any burning music business questions that just can’t wait, shoot me an email and I’ll try to help.

I’m in your corner.

JOE SOLO is a record producer, songwriter, public speaker and founder of The Music Success Workshop. His credits include Fergie, Michael Jackson, Macy Gray, Universal, Sony, Apple and Quincy Jones. For his professional history and audio examples go to JoeSoloProductions.com. Get his FREE Music Success Video Nuggets and live mentoring details at joesolo.com. To reach him: info@joesolo.com.

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