Theophilus London Stars in Chevy Commercial


Chevy Sonic's "Milk Run" commercial debuted this week starring Theophilus London and featuring his song "All Around The World." The ad is the first official full commercial as part of Chevrolet's new "Find New Roads" campaign, which was unveiled last month with a medley of five vignettes showcasing five different car models.

The commercial, pairing the Brooklyn rapper with the "Ready for anything Chevrolet Sonic," follows Theophilus on a quest for Milk as he ollies up a sidewalk, climbs up the side of a building, flips and rail rides in the car through the city.

"Milk Run" Commercial on YouTube

Chevrolet's "Find New Roads" on YouTube

Stay tuned as Theophilus is set to release a new song this spring in advance of his Coachella appearance.