The Original Misfits at the Banc of California Stadium with Cro-Mags, The Distillers and Rise Against

It was a crazy night at the new Banc of California stadium as the Original Misfits performed before a sold arena. Thousands of fans young and old wearing black shirts displaying the skeleton face, roared, stomped and yelled with beer in their hands and mosh pits circling around behind them. Despite the differences amongst the band members. All three Misfits, vocalist Glen Danzig, bassist Jerry Only, and lead guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein performed an unstoppable and energetic flow. Without smoke machines, lasers, or elaborate lighting, The Misfits definitely owned the stage that night.

Performing a slew hits such as “Die, Die My Darling,” “Horror Business,” “Astro Zombies,” “Hollywood Babylon,” “Last Caress” and “Hybrid Moments.”  Danzig with his menacing grin, chuckled as he took breathe after each song. At one point, he asked the audience, “You like our f****ing Pumpkins?”, pointing to the 15-foot giant blow-up gruesome pumpkin on stage. “It’s pretty f***ing cool right.”

The bands iconic “Crimson Ghost” skull-man icon seems to display every other square foot of stage, and the other “Original Misfits”, Jerry Only in a wonderfully absurd suit of demonic armor and Doyle, pro-wrestler cut with a face of corpse paint and S & M straps for a shirt.  Both are wearing their ghoulish white face paint, black leather pants and spikes, sporting devilock hairdos swaying over their instruments. But for the most part the Misfits looked surprisingly happy on stage, despite the signature doom and gloom they are best known for.

Even though the band did not allow photographers on Saturday, it was still a great show. Being present amongst such an iconic band was all worth it. It’s been 34 years; I admire The Misfits for their originality and endurance. The Misfits will forever stay relevant to punk and mainstream audiences.

The Misfits weren’t the only bands performing that night, the Cro-Mags who performed as soon as the gates opened at 4 pm, stirred the crowd up. The New York hardcore punk band performing most of their songs from the 1986 Age of Quarrel. Songs like “We Gotta Know,” “Hard Times” and “Malfunction” were certainly headbangers.

LA-based punk rockers, The Distillers, came out in full force and high energy. You can feel the power in the voice of guitarist/ vocalist Brody Dalle as she roared through many of their hits like “City of Angels,” “Drain the Blood” and “Beat Your Heart Out.”

I’m looking forward to the new album The Distillers will be coming out with. On Instagram, they mentioned the band will start recording in April. The Distillers hasn’t had an album since 2003 Coral Fang. Overall, The Distillers set the mood for the night as everyone rushed to the front row towards the stage, throwing up the punk rocker hand sign.

Rise Against, Chicago- based punk rock band performed right before the Misfits. With Guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. All four band members ran to the stage as the crowd cheered them on. A couple of people began to crowd surf, which security did not like at all. Nonetheless, no one got seriously hurt.

Rise Against performed with enough dynamic sending shock waves throughout the stadium. You can actually feel the tremble coming out the speaker box. Rise Against performed a slew of many hits such as “Satellite,” where the entire crowd sing along to McIlrath’s words about “the orphans of the American dream” - it’s imperishably rousing. Also, hits like “Savior,” “Help is On the Way” and what seemed to be the crowds favorite “Prayer of the Refugee.” This song is about America not needing slave labor/cheap alternatives for anything. They are saying that we are strong enough to provide all of our own materials and creations. Overall, the people went into a frenzy, pushing the crowd barrier gate towards the stage. Rise Against definitely is a band worth watching.

Photo Credit: Daniel Seyum / Xxposure Photog