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The Jeremiah Show - SN13|Ep4 - Astrid Young - Singer | Songwriter | Producer

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About Astrid Young

Astrid Young is a Singer-Songwriter and pianist. She plays Bass and the 12-string Guitar. Her discography began in 1984. She has appeared on over 40 releases, playing, singing, and wowing us.

Her new album is “One Night at Giant Rock”


The album is a love letter to the desert and all its magic.

Astrid Young’s Website


On Instagram: @wandaplez

Jeremiah on FaceBook & Instagram @jeremiahdhiggins


THE KIMI KATO SHOW with Jeremiah - SN1|ep1 - SUGIZO - Luna Sea | X-Japan

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About The Interview

Sugizo is a Japanese musician, songwriter, composer, and record producer. He is the lead guitarist and violinist of the rock band Luna Sea since 1989, but he is also a member of X-Japan, Juno Reactor, and The Last Rockstars.

Luna Sea became one of Japan's most famous rock bands, selling more than ten million records and performing in China and Taiwan.

Luna Sea is celebrating its 35th Anniversary, a milestone few bands can claim. Luna Sea's NEW album is "Mother Style"

Check out the Luna Sea 2024 tour dates, merchandise, music, and more at:


Luna Sea in Facebook: @lunaseareboot

Instagram: @lunaseaofficial

Sugizo on Instagram - @sugizo_official

Kimi Kato on Instagram - @kimitaka.kato

Project Asteri on Instagram - @project_asteri and @asteri_ent

Project Asteri Website: www.projectasteri.com

SN 1 | EP 6 - The Arwen Lewis Show - Peter Lewis (Moby Grape) 

"Well, I had a dream about Frank Zappa, sometimes I get ideas from a dream...and that's really how Frank Zappa's Ghost started."

Peter Lewis of Moby Grape tells stories of his legendary lifelong songwriting and musical journey, family heritage, and more.  Peter has recently released his fourth solo LP on Omad Records, Imagination.  This show features songs from his recent co-produced album, Imagination (Peter Lewis and John DeNicola), and conversation with his daughter and the host herself, Arwen Lewis.

Arwen Lewis on Instagram - @arwenlewis

The Arwen Lewis Show on Instagram - @thearwenlewisshow

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Link to YouTube Interview - https://youtu.be/NmEmwyYWohM

About the Interview

THE MIKE GORMLEY SHOW Featuring The Immediate Family Members, Steve Postell and Danny Kortchmar

Steve and Danny join Mike Gormley and discuss their legendary careers in music.

The Immediate Family has more session playing and live show mileage than just about any other living players today. 

The Immediate Family is a unique group of iconic musicians who have played together for decades but never as their own band. Known for their long, illustrious careers backing up Hall-of-Fame artists such as James Taylor, Keith Richards, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, Stevie Nicks and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Immediate Family, a band that can legitimately be called a supergroup.

The Immediate Family is the subject of a full-length documentary that goes into depth about the long history of the group and all the accomplishments each member has made. 

Directed by Danny Tedesco, the movie is distributed by Magnolia Pictures and is available to stream or own, now.