The Digilogue Launches New Site for BIPOC Artists

Global music and tech community platform, The Digilogue has announced the launching of their new website and Patreon after 5 years of consistent programming and empowering their community. Their Patreon will include all of their on-demand content from past workshops, masterclasses, podcasts, and patron-focused monthly events through their discord. The minority owned platform focuses on programming across  3 verticals: Music EducationMusic Careers, and Artist Discovery.

The Digilogue’s upcoming virtual event will be their #PatreonAThon, this Friday, January 28th via Twitch to promote and invite creators to sign up their Patreon to get access to exclusive content, early access to upcoming activations and join their global discord community. #PatreonAThon will include performances by Thuy, Gingerr Rust, and Zair. Along with guest appearances by Karl Fowlkes and Mike Epstein. REGISTER HERE

Brandon Nales - Head of Artist Discovery and Content
On Patreon: I'm excited about the launch of our Patreon because we can now deliver premium educational content 24/7 at an affordable price for our community. This will provide music creatives with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the music industry, regardless of where they are in the world. 

Paulina Vo - General Manager
On The Digilogue's impact: It's hard to measure the impact that The Digilogue has had personally and professionally, let alone the impact our organization has on the music industry at large. Personally, my career has pivoted into an industry I've always wanted to be in, I credit a lot of that to the relationships and learnings from everyone I've met through our community. As for the music industry as a whole, I hear and see our ripple effects through conversations I have with other professionals in the industry. Our collective stance on inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility has inspired other communities and path makers to do what they love - in turn, this inspires us to keep doing what we're doing (and then some)!

Drew de Leon - Co-Founder / Head of Marketing & Partnerships
My excitement for this launch and the future of The Digilogue: I wake up everyday knowing my "WHY" in serving The Digilogue community. I'm truly blessed and grateful to work with a passionate team everyday and to empower an amazing community! It's been an incredible journey to get to this point after 5 years of programming and see The Digilogue grow. We started with 16 attendees at our first event and now have a global audience of 35,000 across our community.  This is just the beginning! We can't wait to continue to grow and advance artists, future leaders, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

Their Music Education programming has been the foundation of The Digilogue. From their weekly newsletter on music and tech news, to their masterclasses and podcast content, they’ve made learning about the music industry more accessible and affordable. It's about continuously educating their community on new music and tech trends, creator tools to advance their careers, and more.

The indie artist community often faces challenges in getting their music heard. Digilogue’s Artist Discovery programming focuses on providing indie artists with playlist opportunities with their partnership with Audiomack, performance opportunities, and editorial content to highlight their personalities. Their goal is to introduce its global community to their new favorite artist.

Digilogue’s Music Career's programming is dedicated to connecting music and tech companies with their community of students, rising professionals, and people looking to pivot into music. The Digilogue curates job listings every week and places music executives through their executive placement program.

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