The Art of Sound at the Lager House, Detroit

Steven Kowalski runs sound at the Lager House in Detroit, and he told us all about it...

How long have you been running sound? How did you get into it?

I’ve been running sound for bands since 2009, but I’ve been interested in the field since I was a kid. I mowed lawns when I was ten years old so I could buy my first Tascam 4-track and record my own music. I started playing guitar when I was seven. I’ve been recording my own music pretty much my whole life. 

How did you get hooked up with the Lager House?

I used to be the boom mic operator for movies in the late 00s, but when the film incentives dried up I was able to get in at the Lager House as the alternate for their old sound guy Craiger. 

Any particular highlights? Which bands have been the best to work with?

Some cool artists I’ve ran sound for include Richard Lloyd of Television, Spooner Oldham, Jeffery Lewis, Orville Peck, John Sinclair, Tin Foil, Lightning Bolt, Shells, Rosali, The Hentchmen, Toeheads, Meatbodies and so many more. 

How would you describe the acoustics/layout at the Lager House?

The acoustics at Lager House are pretty much just like a basic rock 'n’ roll bar. Its loud. We basically just let the room be the room. It has a lot of history the way it is. Most bands tend to want to play super loud here. 

What gear do you use?

My gear right now is a Behringer X32 Compact Board. But I miss my Mix Wizard that I started out with at Lager House.

Visit thelagerhouse.com for more info.