Clint Mansell Discusses Stoker, Video Game Composing, more

Clint_Mansell_Pic1_1297253013_crop_550x400For composer Clint Mansell, there’s nothing quite so exciting as a live performance. The Grammy- and Golden Globe-nominated composer will perform a selection of pieces from his now extensive repertoire at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on April 6th. This should surprise no fan who remembers either Mansell’s work as guitarist and lead singer for Pop Will Eat Itself, or who has experienced his live performances drawn from other scores previous to the current Stoker: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

“There’s nothing better than hearing music at a proper volume,” Mansell says of his concerts. The Orpheum concert, where the composer will be accompanied by an eight-piece band incorporating the Sonos Quartet, will draw from Mansell’s history of film scores, though keeping the emphasis on what fans will hear on Milan Records’ new Stoker release.

“When it comes to doing live arrangements, it is a continuation of what we’ve done for the film,” Mansell points out. As any filmgoer knows, this is essential because in a film the score comes sporadically, usually in small bites. “We’ve re-worked the score so it has a flow to it while trying to maintain the feel of the film. When doing the arrangements, you want the best moments.”

Though he is much in demand as a composer, Mansell plans to continue to bring his music to live venues, despite the time and finances such an endeavor entails. Currently, his schedule calls for approximately three to four shows per year, though Mansell feels he's plenty ready for more. “It depends on the demand,” he admits. “But I really love doing it.” Mansell’s next scores include Filth and Noah, a reunion with director Darren Aronofsky.

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