TAHOE LIVE 2023 Featuring Performances by Rezz and Diesel (aka Shaquille O'Neal)

Lake Tahoe – LIVE, the dynamic brand behind Tahoe Live, Salt Lake Live, and Park City Live, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with industry icon Disco Donnie Presents (DDP). This collaboration marks a thrilling chapter in LIVE's journey, promising unforgettable music experiences that will take the brand to multiple world-class resorts, with the seasoned assistance of Disco Donnie Presents.

With over two decades of expertise in the entertainment industry, LIVE has mastered the art of curating boutique events that cater to discerning music lovers. Notable successes in LIVE's portfolio include Billboard Winterfest and premier events during the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. LIVE's mission is to ignite the soul through live music while creating welcoming, energizing, and memorable atmospheres for attendees of all ages.

LIVE has consistently delivered top-of-the-line sights and sounds, setting the gold standard for live music experiences. Now, in partnership with industry legend Disco Donnie Presents, they are poised to raise the bar even higher.

“Dustin and I have collaborated successfully in the past, and we love the concept of taking our unique blend of music experiences to ski towns and resorts across the United States. Our passion for creating unforgettable moments aligns perfectly, and we can't wait to bring the magic of electronic dance music to these picturesque destinations,” Disco Donnie said. 

“As a lifelong dance music fan, I am thrilled to be partnering with the legendary Disco Donnie. Together, we are dedicated to elevating the winter festival destination experience to new heights. The DDP team, renowned as the best in the business, will contribute their talents and expertise to guarantee a world-class experience for all,” Dustin Esson said.

Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) is a globally recognized electronic dance music event production powerhouse founded by veteran promoter James "Disco" Donnie Estopinal. Since its inception in 1994, DDP has been at the forefront of the industry, having sold over 19 million tickets and produced more than 19,000 live events, arena shows, and outdoor festivals across over 100 markets worldwide, including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Panama. Annually, DDP is responsible for organizing and promoting nearly 1,000 club events in various U.S. cities, including Portland, Columbus, Houston, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas, and St. Louis, to name just a few. DDP is also renowned for producing major festivals such as Lights All Night, Sunset Music Festival, Ember Shores, The Texas Eclipse, Paradise Blue, So What!?, Freaky Deaky, and the "First Festival Back," Ubbi Dubbi.

The first event in this exciting collaboration is Tahoe Live, scheduled to take place on December 15 and 16, 2023, at Palisades Tahoe, located near Lake Tahoe in California. Palisades Tahoe is renowned as one of North America's premier ski resorts, conveniently close to Reno's airport. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada range, Palisades Tahoe offers a stunning backdrop for what promises to be an extraordinary event.

Tahoe Live will feature performances by two extraordinary artists: Rezz and Diesel (aka  Shaquille O'Neal).

Rezz, at just 23 years old, is a trailblazing force in the electronic music scene. Her genre-bending compositions, a blend of bass-heavy and minimal tech, have garnered international acclaim. Known affectionately as "Space Mom," Rezz has released a full album and several EPs on mau5trap, showcasing her originality and talent.

Diesel, better known as Shaquille O'Neal, is a living legend. As one of the most dominant basketball players in NBA history, he has now transitioned into one of the world's greatest entertainers. Standing at 7'1" and 325 pounds, Shaq's larger-than-life personality and athleticism have captivated audiences worldwide. His journey into electronic dance music began in 2014 at TomorrowWorld, where he was introduced to DJ icons like Steve Aoki and Skrillex, forever changing his life.

This partnership between LIVE and Disco Donnie Presents promises to bring unparalleled music experiences to a diverse range of audiences. With Tahoe Live as the inaugural event, attendees can expect an electrifying fusion of talent, expertise, and passion that will set a new standard for live entertainment.

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