Sweet Relief Musicians Fund: JaM with Jonah Kagen Benefit

Make a tax-deductible donation to Sweet Relief before the year ends and help hundreds of musicians and music industry workers that are dealing with physical and mental illness, disease, and age-related issues.


Cheers & Applause with JaM Cellars and Jonah Kagen
Benefiting Sweet Relief

LIVE THIS FRIDAY 12/29 @ 4:00p PST—POP the lush Butter Bubbles and join for the LAST #JaMHappyHour of the year—benefiting Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund! Hosted by iHeartRadio’s Jana Sutter and featuring LIVE music from Jonah Kagen. Tune in on Facebook and YouTube, @JaMCellars, for an hour of sips, cheers, doin’ good—JaM is donating $1, up to $3,000, for every like, comment, and share made during the show! Make sure to tune in!

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