Deadland Ritual

Supergroup Deadland Ritual Rocks Troubador in West Hollywood, CA

Deadland Ritual, which consists of drummer Matt Sorum (Kings of Chaos), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Steve Stevens (guitarist for Billy Idol) and Franky Perez (Apocalyptica), played a 15 song set mixed with Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, Billy Idol and the group’s new music.

The set began with Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the Universe” and ended with the mighty “War Pigs”. When it comes to supergroups, some are short-lived and some release multiple albums and tour frequently, but Deadland Ritual is the all-star band to go see. The band is on tour in Europe this summer playing major festivals like Download and Hellfest.


  1. Symptom of the Universe- Black Sabbath

  2. Dimas

  3. Neon Knights- Black Sabbath

  4. City of Night

  5. Slither- Velvet Revolver

  6. Fade and Disappear

  7. Sweet Leaf- Black Sabbath

  8. Walls

  9. Steve Stevens solo

  10. Rebel Yell- Billy Idol

  11. Broken and Bruised

  12. Dead Before Sunrise

  13. N.I.B.- Black Sabbath

  14. Down In Flames

  15. War Pigs- Black Sabbath