Studio Mix: August 2021

Angels & Airwaves Search for Lifeforms

Tom DeLonge-led multi-platinum rock band Angels & Airwaves will return with a new album Lifeforms. To launch the lead single “Euphoria,” the band activated Project Dreamland, which circulated cassette players, tapes and evidence files for fans to unlock, ultimately leading to an unique release experience.


Lexie Roth at Martha’s Vineyard

Actress, musician, chef and daughter of Dylan-guitarist Arlen Roth, Lexie Roth is photographed at TPS Audio, a recording studio on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, working with engineer Phil DaRosa and “studio assistant” Sadie (also pictured). “I love her being around me when I’m playing and singing—when she’s not barking,” Roth says. On working with DaRosa: “Usually, our sessions turn into therapy sessions, as we are close friends who only get to catch up in the studio.”



American Idol’s Musical Mastermind Kris Pooley

Detroit-born Kris Pooley is a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and the music director for ABC’s American Idol. Responsible for all the show’s music elements—from arrangements, producers, and directing on-stage—Pooley has to learn and play over 200 songs on any given episode, while managing a team of over 50 musicians and contestants.






Delacey Has A Dream

Los Angeles-based singer and multi-platinum songwriter Delacey has helped to write some of the biggest pop songs from Justin Beiber, Demi Lovato, Halsey and more. Her new album, The Girl Has A Dream, is bluesy and folk-tinged, with sharp acoustic guitar, banjo, piano and electronic throbs, all highlighting Delacey’s smoky voice.



Gary Numan Intrudes

Gary Numan’s 18th solo album Intruder is the fifth to emerge from the 15-year collaboration between Numan and producer, and PMC user, Ade Fenton. Since coming to prominence with era-defining hits such as “Cars” and “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?,” Numan has remained consistently creative and influential for four decades and counting.




Aaron Thompson’s Age of Regret

Aaron Thompson’s solo darkwave endeavor Empty Streets, just dropped a six-track EP, Age of Regret via Cleopatra Records. Thompson is pictured in his “dining room studio” in West Silverlake, CA. In addition to his long musical history, with stints that include The Stranger’s Six and Fenix TX, Thompson is also an award-winning adult film star, under the alter-ego, Small Hands.




Sheree Brown at Lake Transfer Studios

Pictured (l-r): Steven Barry Cohen (owner and producer), Patrice Rushen and artist Sheree Brown working on Sheree’s album Messages Of The Spirit released this year on Expansion Records (U.K.). The photo was taken at Lake Transfer Recording Facilities in North Hollywood, CA.