STRFKR - Miracle Mile Review


Miracle Mile
Badman, Polyvinyl Records
Producer: Jacob Portrait
Score: 8 out of 10

Who knew indie electronica-pop could be so intellectually satisfying? Miracle Mile keeps ravers on their feet and dreamers’ heads out of the clouds, via dance-worthy club beats mixed with thoughtful, mind-penetrating lyrics and odes. Take “Leave it All Behind,” a trippy, retro tune tinged with faded memories and jaded promises. Vocalist Joshua Hodges’ deep, lyrical reflections and vibrant prose refine STRFKR’s sound without overpowering the band’s laid-back, body-flowing energy (think a less-psychedelic MGMT on synth-heavy tracks like “While I’m Alive” and “Atlantis”). “Miracle Mile” provides an escape to a never-ending party of chill, electrifying tunes and funky sway.

By Danica Bellini