Steve Martin and Andy Somers Launch Paladin Artists Agency

Steve Martin and Andy Somers have announced the establishment of Paladin Artists, a diverse independent agency with a focus on music touring, live events, theater, literary representation, touring exhibitions and estate management. The agency is founded in strategic partnership with Entourage Talent Associates and The Kagency. Paladin Artists is a nascent company of prominent, passionate agents who have come together as a community, committed to deliver their client’s visions to the fullest capacity, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London.

The strategic partnerships bring something unique and valuable to both Paladin’s artists and business.

Entourage Talent, established by Wayne Forte in 1993 as a true ‘boutique’ styled international booking, talent agency and consulting firm, with a personalized and strategic approach to career development and maintenance. Forte is a founding member of The National Independent Talent Association (NITO), working tirelessly to advocate for the survival of the live music community. Among Entourage Talent clients are Tedeschi Trucks Band, and guitar legends Joe Satriani and Steve Hackett.

The Kagency, founded by Karrie Goldberg in 2004, built one of the first venue representation businesses in North America focused solely on handling the corporate/private event, film and photo bookings for their clients. The group simultaneously grew a significant talent booking and buying division, hosting a roster of major recording artists and other notable celebrities for their corporate contracts. They are currently housing a portfolio of 500+ traditional and non-traditional venues in the U.S. and U.K along with a unique talent roster, The Kagency has become the gold-star standard in the event industry whose diverse roster of clients include Nike, Givenchy, Duran Duran and Beyonce to Cartier, Under Armour, Maserati and Vogue.

“The world has been through hell for the last 18 months with many places and people still struggling. I’m simply grateful to work with people I like and artists that I respect, enjoy and have fruitful relationships with,” says Paladin co-founder Steve Martin. “Many were able to take a step back during the shutdown and evaluate what is important, be it personal or business. The industry is rapidly evolving and will continue to do so in the post-pandemic world.”

Somers added, “Paladin, Entourage and The Kagency share similar visions and will each benefit by the sharing of information, experiences, and common goals; exploring new means of improving the future of artist and brand representation while remaining independent at a controllable scale of operation.”

“This pandemic has highlighted how short life truly is”, says Forte. “So, why not work with people and clients one genuinely likes and with whom one shares similar visions and philosophies. The establishment and building of yet another successful business is a bonus! After all, success is not simply a destination, it’s a constant journey.”

Paladin’s inaugural team is a group of like-minded, talented agents (Chyna Chuan-Farrell, Seth Rappaport, Steve Ferguson, Kath Buckell, Magaly Barone, Sara Schilevert, and Christian Ellett among others) bringing their creativity, relationships and expertise to fulfill their clients’ needs and create strategies to realize their goals.

Martin and Somers each began their careers with their individual independent agencies, MBA and Bandwagon, respectively, in the same building on Broadway and Houston in New York City. Both have made stops at major agencies.

In 1994 Martin joined UK based company, The Agency Group’s New York office where he was instrumental in helping to grow the company to become a worldwide powerbroker with over 40 agents in the U.S. and a roster of hundreds of clients, including a list of such diverse performers as David Gilmour, Dolly Parton, New York Dolls, Ray Davies, Social Distortion, Brian Wilson, King Crimson, Dream Theater, Kiefer Sutherland and many others. Prior to Martin’s departure, TAG became the largest independent music/literary agency in the world. Part of Martin’s growth strategy for TAG was the acquisition of Somers 2nd incarnation of Bandwagon. In 2000, Somers opened the company’s first California office.

Prior to 1993, Forte was a founding partner, President and CEO of International Talent Group (ITG), initially an international boutique booking agency which rose to major independent status, with 3 offices worldwide, and with a consolidated and musically diverse roster of theatre, arena and stadium headliners including: David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Geneis, Phil Collins, Steve Miller Band, Scorpions, Duran Duran, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, Julian Lennon, Paul Young, Sade, Simply Red, Radiohead, Killing Joke, Joe Satriani, among many, many others. Prior to Forte’s departure, he helped to guide and later coordinate ITG’s joint venture with Labatt Entertainment Group.

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