Soundtoys Announces Little Plate Plug-in Giveaway

Soundtoys announced that the popular Little Plate reverb plug-in is available for free (a $99 value) until December 1, 2023 at soundtoys.com. The NAMM TEC Award-winning plug-in is inspired by the iconic EMT 140 plate reverb, and designed with a number of modern twists that Soundtoys is known for. Little Plate captures the gorgeous sound and vibe of the massive studio classic and pushes it beyond the limits of the original.

“After the release of SuperPlate earlier this year, we thought it the perfect time to give everyone a chance to experience the original (and still awesome) Little Plate plug-in. It’s an amazing-sounding reverb that’s become a staple of many pro users. We’re constantly hearing how much people love the EMT 140 sound, modeled on the plates in our collection," said CEO and lead designer Ken Bogdanowicz.

At the core of SuperPlate are meticulous models of the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate reverb units. SuperPlate includes three different flavors of analog coloration – Tube, Solid-State, and Clean – which can be used in combination with any of SuperPlate’s styles. The Tube and Solid-State modes are modeled on the EMT V54 preamp for tube saturation and the EMT 162 preamp which has a built-in compressor to help tame transients.

PRESS RELEASE: Free Little Plate Promo 2023

Website: soundtoys.com