SoundExchange Announces Support for 'Credits Due' Campaign

SoundExchange announced support for Credits Due, a global campaign bringing the music industry together to ensure that complete and accurate song metadata is attached to all recordings at the point of creation. 
“Creators deserve fair and accurate compensation for their work, and this starts with ensuring complete and accurate metadata for all recordings at the time of creation,” said Michael Huppe, President and CEO of SoundExchange. “Crediting all contributors early in the process will result in accelerated royalty distributions for the millions of sound recordings processed every month by SoundExchange. We applaud Credits Due for their worldwide efforts to improve our industry, and we are thrilled to lend our support as we advocate for technical advancements that will lead to accurate compensation for creators and rightsholders.”
The Ivors Academy of Music Creators and The Music Rights Awareness Foundation established the Credits Due campaign in 2021 to increase knowledge of the importance of quality music metadata through education and enable music creators to be credited fairly for the music they share with the world.
SoundExchange’s support for Credits Due is consistent with the organization’s use of technology, data, and advocacy to ensure creators are paid for their work. Additionally, partnerships with music tech companies VEVA Sound and Sound Credit are optimizing the quality of SoundExchange’s performer lineups to ensure more accurate and efficient royalty payments.
For more information, visit soundexchange.com.