Sound Royalties' Business Nearly Doubles

Sound Royalties’ year-end results show the company’s volume of fundings to music creatives grew by more than 90%, says a recent report by the company. "For thousands of creatives, this means more resources to invest, launch projects, tour, build, or manage their financial lives under the best terms in the industry."

“We’re growing because we are serving artists, songwriters, producers, and other music creatives in the way that makes the most sense for their professional and personal plans,” explains Sound Royalties founder and CEO Alex Heiche. “We’re always listening to what our customers need on a case-by-case basis and putting together personalized solutions that make financial sense.” 

Sound Royalties has continued to expand its geographic scope, as well. To serve its clients in 14 countries, it works with more than 130 payors across three continents and maintains an international network of representatives who know their region’s music professionals. 

Sound Royalties’ unique model, tailored to creatives’ individual needs, lets creators keep full ownership of their copyrights while providing ongoing cash flow during the term of the advance. The company works with all types of royalty streams to maximize clients’ options, going far beyond solely music streaming platform revenues. It works with thousands of accomplished creatives of all levels like artist DJ Khaled (Rick Ross, Jennifer Lopez, Migos), music producer David Tickle (Prince, U2, The Police), songwriters Sonia Leigh (Zac Brown Band), Steve Dorff (Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston), and Larry Weiss (Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Barry Manilow), among many others.

“This huge leap in volume is a testament to our commitment to this community,” says Sound Royalties president Michael Bizenov. “It speaks our artist friendly programs for music creatives who are  seeking to invest in their careers and businesses.”

Pictured is company head Alex Heiche.