Signing Story: Rachel Bobbitt

Date Signed: June 17, 2021

Label: Fantasy Records

Type of Music: Indie Singer-Songwriter

Management: Ricky Singh and Sammy Siegler - Matinee Sound

Booking: Jason Parent and Andrew Ellis - APA

Legal: Bryan Christner

Publicity: Joel Amsterdam and Lauren Covey - Fantasy Records

Web: rachelbobbittmusic.com

A&R: Ricky Singh

First sharing unique cover interpretations and gaining an audience on the now-defunct Vine platform, Rachel Bobbitt moved to Toronto to pursue music at just 17. Inaugural self-released EP, Months To Fall, was a vocal/guitar, harmony-based ambient collaboration with guitarist and friend, Justice Der. Their work together continued in 2019’s When This Plane Goes Down, co-produced by Der. 

For 2020’s And It’s The Same EP, Bobbitt sent musical stems out to get the band’s parts virtually, with the final record produced by Der from his home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during lockdown. After its release, Bobbitt got a text from Finn Lovell, guitarist for New York alt-rock band Soul Blind (they were online fans of each other’s music), who connected her with managers, Ricky Singh and Sammy Siegler, and the duo circulated her demos. Following multiple label calls, Bobbitt selected Fantasy Records. ”They were so genuine and supportive and Margie is so passionate,” says Bobbitt. ”Everybody on the team was very much there for the music.”

Bobbitt emphasized the importance of having supportive, passionate management since they are your greatest advocates, sharing, “It’s something that I'm really lucky to have.” 

With a new album anticipated for early 2022, the Fantasy partnership is project-by-project, built around open communication and collaboration. “It has made a world of difference to the process having people to support you through every step of making an EP and releasing it,” says Bobbitt. She credits her legal team for helping her navigate the three-month signing process, with the final contract including an advance for living and recording expenses, as well as a marketing budget. 

Gulce Turek, Head of Marketing at Fantasy Records, shares, “I really can’t remember the last time I was so enthusiastic about a project I was getting to work on.” Dropping everything and telling herself, “I just have to do this and nothing else—it’s that good,” Turek adds, “It’s such a rare thing to find music you can connect to at that level. The lyrics were what I was talking about in my own life—it felt so personal.”