Signing Story: Oliva Lunny

Date Signed: October 2020

Label: Infinity & Records / UMG

Type of Music: Pop

Management: Tony Beard, [email protected] 

Booking: Marty Diamond, [email protected] 

Legal: Jonathan Koby

Publicity: Cara Wodnicki, [email protected] 

Web: olivialunny.com

A&R: Jerry Deifer 

Olivia Lunny is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who is building her career on solid ground. She comes from a strong family that supports her talent. And she’s appropriately taken the steps to establish herself as an artist in her native Canada. She is now poised to take on the U.S. music scene, as well. 

In recent weeks Lunny scored her U.S. Top 40 radio debut with the single “Timezone.” This is a major accomplishment, not just for her as an independent songwriter and artist, but for her label Infinity & Records, as it was their first Top 40 radio debut, as well.

The 23-year-old artist began in her teens, with an early break at 14 years old performing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Raised on Stevie Nicks, Norah Jones, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, Lunny was propelled into the next level of musical status at 18 when she appeared in 2019 on a Canadian musical reality program called The Launch. She won the competition, with a song called “I Got You,” and that set her on a trajectory that continues in earnest.

“Winnipeg was a very collaborative town where everybody played in each other’s bands and wrote songs together,” says Lunny. “But when I wanted to make more music that was of a specific pop sound I realized I would have to move from Winnipeg. I never knew how I was gonna make that move, but being on The Launch, pardon the pun, really launched me onto the Canadian music scene.”

In 2020 Lunny won the Young Canadian Songwriter Award from the SOCAN Foundation, signed an initial deal with Universal Music Canada/Virgin Music and released her debut EP To the Ones I Loved. In 2021 Lunny released an eponymous full-length album that spawned hits like “Who Could Say No” and “Sad to See You Happy.”

The young songstress partnered with her main producer and songwriting collaborator A.J. Healy, who she came to know from The Launch experience. And she has been the first signing for Infinity & Records by her brother Christian Lunny and Jerry Deifer.

“Jerry has a ton of experience with record labels in the U.S.,” explains Lunny. “They really believed in me. It was right place, right time. I had had some success independently and they wanted to help me take things to the next level. Infinity & Records offered a proper deal, whereas that TV show deal was pretty aggressive and like a 10-year commitment. With this new situation I definitely have a lot of creative freedom. I get to make the final call on things, which doesn’t happen all the time.” – Eric Harabadian