Signing Story: Lethal Dosage



Tucson, AZ-based Lethal Dosage have been active on the Southwest hard rock and extreme metal scene since 2009. Initially formed by high school buddies Daniel Davis and Frank Cachon, Jr.; the Lamb of God and Black Sabbath devotees plunged into the recording realm with their self-released album Inhale in 2011. “It was a big learning process,” says Cachon, Jr. “We only had about 300 CDs made. It was put together with a little bit of money we had. We worked hard for it. It was all about learning how to jam together, learning how to be together and just trying to get a grasp on this media thing.”

Regional touring followed which built a solid reputation and fan base. A breakthrough performance at the 2013 Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson found them opening for legendary headliners Sacred Reich. It also reacquainted the band with event co-organizer and Battleground Records head David Rodgers.

“We knew what the game was about now.”

“We’ve known David Rodgers for a few years now,” says Cachon, Jr. “He was there for our first album release with Inhale. He had actually introduced us to [producer] Ryan Butler of Arcane Digital for our first recording. They approached us about spreading the word about their label. So far our mutual working together has been great and all about good times.”

Rodgers and label partner Ryan Clark emphasized their knowledge and connections in the extreme metal music scene and a working relationship between Lethal Dosage and Battleground Records was solidified by a handshake.

Lethal Dosage’s new album is entitled Consume and will be released globally on Feb. 25.

“On the first album we were bonding and establishing a foundation,” says the drummer. “With Consume we knew what we wanted to do and what the recording process was all about. We went back to Ryan Butler and we knew what the game was about now.”

Lethal Dosage will do limited regional touring at first, with much more extensive excursions throughout the summer.
– Eric A. Harabadian