Signing Story: Elder Devil

Date Signed: Sept. 12, 2021 

Label: Prosthetic Records

Type of Music: Grind

Booking: [email protected]

Legal: N/A

Publicity: Becky Laverty and Wil Collins - Prosthetic Records

Web: elderdevil.bandcamp.com

A&R: Steve Joh - Prosthetic Records

Stay cool and be chill with everyone. The scene is a spiderweb, and you can get to know people who are going to start a label or tour.” That’s the advice metal enthusiast and Elder Devil co-founder Jacob Lee provided when breaking down the band’s latest deal with Prosthetic Records, who have signed such acts as Skeletonwitch, All That Remains, Lamb of God, and more. To date, Lee had been a part of several record deals spanning various musical projects. Specifically for Elder Devil, Lee and company had released three full-lengths, supported by various small indie labels all across the globe. Those deals helped to print and distribute a finite number of the group’s music and provide some internet presence. Everything changed, however, when Lee’s frontman noticed Prosthetic Records began following them on Instagram. After completing the band’s upcoming EP, Elder Devil sent it to the label’s A&R department on the advice of a current Prosthetic band named Body Void.

“It was actually really great hearing back from Steve [Joh] from Prosthetic. He was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to write to you guys!” laughs Lee. Joh expressed how excited he was about their material, and shortly thereafter a record contract started to develop. However, due to most of Elder Devil’s previous agreements coming by way of proverbial handshake, Lee sought advice when signing on the dotted line. 

“[Previously,] I signed a contract for my other band HellishForm with Translation Loss Records, so this Prosthetic deal was the second time I had to look over paperwork,” explains Lee. “This deal wasn’t too different. A lot of it was very agreeable.” 

They also reached out to Body Void, asking what to expect from a standard deal and help clarify any legal jargon. Upon first draft, Elder Devil were feeling good, but realized they wanted to add an addendum allowing the ability to still put out music with friends. Joh and Prosthetic took no issue with the request, as Lee explains. “They were really cool with providing things and there was nothing that we had to compromise or argue about. It was just like ‘Oh, yeah. I’ll add a couple of clauses for you!’”

While it may seem on paper that Lee and his grindcore act have it all figured out, he expressed the importance of being willing to grow and learn. “Do it because it’s fun. I’m the riff writer, plus I produce and record [our music]. I wish I had focused up and polished those skills sooner.” 

The band’s Prosthetic debut will release in 2022.