Signing Story: The Aces

The thing that stuns when first listening to the Aces’ debut I Don’t Like Being Honest EP is the warmth that emanates from each of the four tracks. The songs are neither familiar nor dated, and yet they ooze elements of nostalgia that are gripping and frankly exciting.

Alisa and Cristal Ramirez are sisters and the pair have been playing music together since Cristal was 10 and Alisa 8. That’s not abnormal, but the speed with which they went from siblings messing around in the house to a “real band” is startling.

“It’s just like a small team of people who really want to develop artists.”

“We’ve known McKenna [Petty] since elementary school and have been best friends ever since,” says Cristal Ramirez. “She got a bass and joined the band. When I was 14, we met Katie. The four of us have been together now for about seven years.

“We grew up listening to Earth Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston, the Pointer Sisters––really soaring melodies,” Ramirez continues. “Katie grew up with Queen and the Beatles––a lot of rock. New Wave like Tears for Fears and the Cure. I think it’s a combination of all those. It’s very eclectic.”

The Aces signed with Red Bull Records in October after self-releasing the “Stuck” single in May. A bunch of labels were sniffing around, and the musicians took their time making the decision. Ultimately, Red Bull just felt right.

“They’re like family to us,” Ramirez says. “They’ve all come from major label backgrounds and have worked with amazing acts. It’s a small team of people who are really passionate, really want to develop artists, and have a small roster so that they can concentrate on their artists and help them. We’re really stoked for the album and what’s to come.” The Aces’ debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest, is out now.

Date Signed: Oct. 21, 2016
Label: Red Bull Records
Band Members: Alisa Ramirez, Cristal Ramirez, Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty.
Type of Music: Alternative
Management: Saiko Management
Booking: David Galea - UTA
Legal: Ed Shapiro - Davis, Shapiro, Lewitt, Grabel, Levon, Granderson, and Blake LLP
Publicity: Jamie Garabedian - Red Bull Records
Web: theacesofficial.com
A&R: Kenny Salcido, Red Bull Records