Signing Stories: Izzy Mahoubi

Date Signed: September 2022

Label: Rude Records

Type of Music: Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Legal: Brandon W. Clark - McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC

Publicity: Erica DelGenio - Big Picture Media

Web: izzymahoubi.info

A&R: Federico Croci

At just 17 now, Izzy Mahoubi first performed in Nashville at 12 years old, singing her original, “My Own Way,” at The Bluebird. Her storytelling has since garnered traction on TikTok and Instagram, and her recent signing to Rude Records comes with a multiple-project commitment, releasing “Hang Around” to kick things off.

Graduating high school in May 2022, Mahoubi jumped into music full-time performing multiple shows, writing dozens of songs, opening for national touring acts, and now headlining with her own band. “My teacher taught me not to limit myself,” says Mahoubi. “I was very authentic [and] now that I write better lyrics, I still hold true to just write exactly what you're feeling and don't sugarcoat it.” 

Mahoubi’s journey started with guitar lessons at a local music store, which she continues today (along with voice lessons). Having spent the last eight years writing, she first worked with producers she met in Nashville, later reaching out via social media to other producers whose work she enjoyed. She had already built a substantial catalog of music when she began sending music to agents and independent labels.

A friend had released music with Rude Records and when Mahoubi submitted “Hang Around,” she was asked to hold it so they could help her release it. General Manager and A&R Federico Croci offered her a contract. “Being super-young and the maturity in which she portrays her future is what is unique,“ says Croci. “We were blown away by her voice and talent.” Mahoubi canvassed publisher friends to get feedback and direction, with the negotiation process taking about four months to complete.

Admitting that it takes time to find “your people,” Majoubi says working with the Rude Records team is “like having a bunch of mentors help you achieve your dream.” She now writes every day to keep her skills sharp and says that going to conferences and learning from growing and established artists and their processes was very helpful. 

With a new EP anticipated in early 2023, Mahoubi advises to be your own biggest fan and not to let other people’s opinions and ideas dictate what you believe you are capable of. – Andrea Beenham