Signing Story: House Parties

 Date Signed: October 2023 

Label: Equal Vision Records 

Band Members: Chaney, lead vocals; Spencer Trinidad, guitar; Wesley K. Jones, drums 

Type of Music: Power Pop/Rock 

Management: Josh Terry, Workshop Management 

Booking: Brad Wiseman, Sequel Music Group 

Legal: Bryan Christner 

Publicity: Erica DelGenio, [email protected] 

Web: housepartiesband.com 

A&R: Dan Sandshaw, Equal Vision Records 

“Braindead” is the new single and video for this newly signed outfit from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. With splashes of emo, late ‘90s pop/punk and alt-rock they bowl the audience over like a ton of bricks. “It’s a high energy song,” says Chaney about the new single. “The meaning is not too deep. It’s an anthem for stupid people.” 

Chaney and guitarist Trinidad met in 2020 and began writing songs. Upon releasing an EP they found drummer Jones online. They officially were recognized as a band releasing original material in 2021. From there they pursued the typical avenues playing live, with an “emo night” in Dallas being their first venture. Through the process of releasing material online and doing a fair amount of touring they caught the attention of Equal Vision Records. 

“Actually, Equal Vision was really the only label that would give us the time of day,” explains Chaney. “DIY and being independent is really cool, but it’s really hard financially. I just felt being on a label would get us more traction. Also, people can follow a label and it’s another way to discover and gain new fans and stuff. It’s also really hard to get opportunities when you’re independent. If you have a specific vision of something you want to do a label can help create those opportunities and get things done.” 

While House Parties is currently on the road promoting “Braindead” their game plan is to release follow up singles in the coming months, with an EP and album in the works for 2024. 

“I feel like pop-rock is a thing right now,” says Chaney. “I see bands getting bigger doing pop-rock or are super emo. I don’t think pop-punk is as relevant as it used to be, like in 2014 and 2015. But it’s interesting to see older influences like Linkin Park and Blink-182 coming into some of the bands now. We get a lot of Paramore references.” 

For their next single release they are considering incentives associated with it, such as contests where fans can win handwritten lyric sheets and tickets to a show.