Shure Spotlights SM58R, Super 55 And 55SH In Its Iconic Mic Celebration

Some of the biggest names in the music industry have relied on Shure microphones to capture memorable moments in history. Trusted by global superstars, celebrated activists, world leaders, comedians, and musicians, the SM58® Vocal MicrophoneSuper 55 and 55SH are simply extraordinary. Beginning today, Shure is proud to kick off its Iconic Mic Celebration—an annual global campaign that begins on May 2 (5/2) and runs through May 8 (5/8). This week celebrates the distinguished history of the Super 55, 55SH, SM58, and other celebrated Shure microphones including the SM57 and SM7B.

The Iconic Mic Celebration will honor the rich history of the SM58 as the number one microphone used globally, as well as the Super 55 and 55SH, known consistently as two of the world’s most recognizable microphones. Their prominent status in the music industry spans multiple decades and generations. Introduced in 1966, the acclaimed SM58 is designed for professional vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. It is known for its superior acoustic engineering and durability—setting the global standard for performance microphones. The Model 55 Unidyne defines classic design just as much today as it did nearly 80 years ago when it made its official debut.

“After decades of success, adoption, and powering remarkable moments, the Shure SM58, Super 55 and 55SH are considered staples of the music community,” said Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing, Professional & Consumer Audio, at Shure. “We are honored that musicians, performers, creators and Shure fans around the world have trusted our microphones to express their passion and creativity, making them truly legendary. These products are not only superior in performance and durability but are also vital to so many industries and celebrated by fans across the globe on a daily basis. We are excited to celebrate and honor the longstanding history of the Super 55, 55SH and SM58 during this special week.”

The Shure Iconic Mic Celebration will feature a video commemorating the microphones, limited edition t-shirts, customized Colorware giveaways of the 55SH and SM58, various regional events, raffles and promotions, including a month-long promotion for the SM58 throughout May. Thanks to the passion, talent, and creativity of the most eminent artists and leaders who have trusted Shure, the microphones have become legends themselves.

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