Scenario 2024: A Pioneering Music Conference & Festival

Welcome to Scenario 2024 a first-of-its-kind, three-day event in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, blending epic evening showcases with daytime industry workshops—crafted for independent artists seeking to expand their audiences and infrastructure.

Scenario 2024 is a music industry conference for DIY independent artists. Spanning 20+ workshops over three days in Los Angeles, Scenario 2024 presents a formidable assembly of industry movers and entrepreneurs who will address a wide range of artist-centric topics from release marketing and touring to publicity and A&R.

Find yourself among like-minds of motivated, driven DIY artists. Engage the industry, expand your infrastructure, and plot your course to success.

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Live showcases are also scheduled for each evening of the event—visit scenario2024.com for the complete schedule and details.