Santana at House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA

Legendary Latin rock back Santana played a special show at the House Of Blues Anaheim on Sept. 11 for an evening full of hits spanning almost 50 years. 48 years ago Carlos Santana and his original Santana band released their debut album which broke all kinds of boundaries in music combining rock and Latin American music. Santana, a new group at the time gave one of the most legendary performances at Woodstock in 1969 as well. Decade after decade Carlos Santana with the finest musicians around has been putting out great music and once again in 1999 with “Supernatural,” redefined himself and brought his music to a new generation of fans.

Santana’s current lineup consists of his percussionist of 26 years Karl Perazzo, bassist of 22 years Benny Rietveld, vocalist of 17 yeas Andy Vargas, rhythm guitarist of 12 years Tommy Anthony, keyboardist of 6 years David K. Mathews, percussionist of 4 years Paoli Mejias, and his newest members drummer of two years Cindy Blackman Santana whom he married 7 years ago, and former Tower Of Power vocalist/trombonist Ray Greene who joined just last year. Santana put out a Santana turned 70 this year and shows no signs of slowing down with reunion album with members of the original Santana band last year and earlier this year a collaboration album with the Isley Brothers. Santana also celebrated 5 years of his Las Vegas House of Blues Residency this year. For 2+ hours Santana played many of their biggest hits from “Black Magic Woman,” to “Oye Como Va” to “Evil Ways,” to “Smooth.”