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Royalty Exchange Launches Order Book Feature

Royalty Exchange has launched Order Book Feature to give investors automated investment access to high-quality royalty access. It allows you to automate your capital deployment in music royalty assets and lets users place orders for music royalty assets based on several attributes. It also automatically classifies and matches royalty assets to open orders and automates purchasing and document handling.

Royalty Exchange believes these two metrics — LTM Multiple and Dollar Age — are strong signals worth using to assess risk between royalty investing options in music. They're so strong that they've made them the foundation of their new Order Book feature, currently available as a pilot program to All Access Investor members. The Order Book allows investors to leave standing orders for royalties that meet certain criteria based on these quantitative similarities between catalogs.

Each Order Book “bid” allows investors to determine the maximum LTM Multiple they willing to pay, for the minimum Dollar Age catalog they’re willing to accept, along with standard order criteria like total order amount and minimum fill size.

What you don't see here are things like genre, artist names, and other qualitative differences. And they've further filter the “signal” to limiting Order Book bids to only public performance royalties and 10-Year Term deals.

But you don’t need to participate in the Order Book to apply the concepts of LTM Multiple and Dollar Age. All Royalty Exchange listings now feature these metrics in the Overview tab for all investors to see, along with the Theoretical Internal Rate of Return.

Applying common measurable standards like these eliminates the uncertainty and "guesswork" of making royalty investing. It provides the most useful information needed to define and measure the risk factors unique to music royalties.

By focusing on the signals of quantitative similarities, and not the noise of qualitative differences, any investor can make more confident investing decisions.

Visit the Listings Page now to apply this concept to any of the live auctions today.

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