Roland Releases Four New Patch Collections for Roland Cloud Created by Brothertiger

Roland has announced the release of four new patch collections for Roland Cloud, all crafted by electronic artist and sound designer Brothertiger: JUNO-106 Brothertiger, JUPITER-8 Brothertiger, JX-3P Brothertiger, and SH-2 Brothertiger.
Best known for his dreamy, chillwave sounds, many of Brothertiger’s new meticulously crafted patch collections were inspired by his own vintage Roland gear and drew on his passion for nostalgic 1980s electropop.
“I started by creating presets based on actual settings I use on the hardware versions,” said Brothertiger. “I’ve got a JUNO-106, an SH-2, and a JX-3P, so creating presets for those emulations was fairly simple. From there, I just explored the synths more deeply and found some really interesting sounds.”
As a self-produced artist, patch creation is a natural evolution for Brothertiger, who currently has about 12 hardware synths in his studio, all connected to a patchbay that he controls from a MIDI keyboard on his desk.
Each new Brothertiger patch collection on Roland Cloud features 32 patches. With these new collections, music creators can explore a wealth of new chillwave sounds, some of which may appear on Brothertiger’s forthcoming full-length album.
JUNO-106 Brothertiger
Float downstream with the crystalline plucks and rich basses in this powerful patch collection. These sounds conjure chillwave daydreams with the classic warmth of the JUNO-106.
JUPITER-8 Brothertiger
This powerful patch collection delivers delicate keys and booming basses, conjuring chillwave daydreams with the legendary breadth of the JUPITER-8.
JX-3P Brothertiger
The panoramic sounds of atmospheric pads and surreal keys in this patch collection deliver chillwave daydreams with the iconic voice of the JX-3P.
SH-2 Brothertiger
Enjoy the surreal leads and warm basses these retro sounds conjure with the vintage tones of the SH-2 monosynth.
All four new Brothertiger patch collections are offered with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships.