Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud Debuts Techno Suite of Patches & Patterns

In conjunction with Roland Cloud, Symplesound and Carma Studio join forces to create the Roland Cloud Techno Suite, a comprehensive collection of 220 presets and grooves that encapsulate the history of the genre—from its roots in 1988’s “Second Summer of Love” to the current revolution in melodic techno.

Developed by acclaimed sound designer Francis Preve (Symplesound) and sample wizard Jim Stout (Carma Studio), the suite encompasses Roland’s most iconic products, including the TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, SH-101, JUNO-106, and JUPITER-8. At the dawn of techno, those instruments formed the core analog sound of the original rave generation. By using the note-perfect Roland Cloud versions, these synthesis experts recapture the sound of that era by leveraging their production experience during the genesis of techno. Notably, Preve remixed seminal rave acts Orbital and Utah Saints, whereas Stout’s work as Nebula 9 was an integral part of the US techno scene throughout the ‘90s.

Roland TB-303 Bass Line patches

Roland TB-303 Bass Line patches

With impeccable production credentials in place, this dynamic duo of synthesis has crafted a collection of presets and patterns that combines retro authenticity with contemporary sonic elements, optimized for the modern Melodic Techno movement.

Roland Cloud’s new TB-303 set includes an array of 36 acid-flavored patterns, each with 8 variations for constructing full tracks. The TR-808 and TR-909 packs both contain 32 patterns with 8 variations that cover intros, grooves, breakdowns and drops—all with customized drum parameters that further enhance their playability.

As for synths, the SH-101, JUNO-106, and JUPITER-8 packs are each composed of 40 presets, grouped in five categories: Bass, Pad, Lead, Pluck, and FX. These run the gamut from Juno-based chorused pads, punchy 101 basses, and melodic percussion with tuned resonance. For the sound effects patches, even the legendary “Hoover” sound makes an appearance, recreated using the JUPITER-8’s extensive pitch and pulse-width modulation resources.

With 100 original groove elements and 120 synth patches, the Roland Cloud Techno Suite is infused with inspiration for both classic and current productions.

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