Rise Against, AFI and Anti Flag Conclude the "Mourning in Amerika" Tour

Rise Against concluded their “Mourning in Amerika” tour with Anti Flag and AFI last night in Irvine California to a sold-out crowd. The show started early in the evening with veteran political punk rockers Anti Flag hitting the stage first. The band known for their activism and anti-war charged anthems got the crowd fueled and ready for a night of singing, moshing, and releasing built up emotions. The band gave several nods to current events in America and fans cheered in agreement. The band played a 45-minute set including:

[The Press Corpse] [Fuck Police Brutality] [Turncoat] [All of The Poison, All of The Pain] [Cities Burn] [This is the End (For You My Friend)] [American Attraction] [Die For the Government] [Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Clash cover)] [Brandenburg Gate]

AFI took to the stage next; the sky was a dark navy blue as the band launched into their first song, “Girl’s Not Grey”. AFI being the least politically fueled band on the tour brought a nice balance to the tour that held the crowd captive for their nearly hour long set.

Song List: [Girls Not Grey] [This Celluloid Dream] [Aurelia] [Love Like Winter] [Endlessly, She Said] [Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings)] [The Boy Who Destroyed The World] [Beautiful Thieves] [Miss Murder] [Totalimmortal]

Rise Against took to the stage to close out the evening and conclude the "Mourning in Amerika" tour. The audience was a sea of nationalities and ages and every person was there to support the messages that each band represented. Rise Against played a huge line up of 21 songs, with five of those being acoustic before stepping off the stage for a four-song encore that concluded with the band's biggest hit, “Prayer of The Refugee”

Song List: [The Violence] [Satellite] [Survive] [I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore] [House on Fire] [Ready To Fall] [Help is on The Way] [Chamber the Cartridge] [Give It All] [Blood-Red, White&Blue] [Re-Education (Through Labor)] [Savior]

Acoustic: [Voices Off Camera] [Like the Angel] [People Live Here] [Hero of War] [Swing Life Away]

Encore: [Make it Stop (September’s Children)] [Heaven Knows] [Bullshit] [Prayer of The Refugee]