Reviver Entertainment Group Launches New Label Imprint DAVMORECORDS

Reviver Entertainment Group has announced the formation of a new record label imprint, DAVMORECORDS. Named in honor of Reviver CEO David Ross’ father, industry veteran Moe Shulman, DAVMORECORDS will operate under the Reviver Entertainment Group umbrella under the direction of Gator Michaels, who will also remain, President of Reviver Records. The label, designed to accommodate multiple artist signings within the past year, will serve as the new home for Reviver Entertainment Group artists Thompson Square and Aaron Goodvin. For more information, please visit davmorecords.com.


“This was a necessary step for us to take, considering the success and growth that we’ve experienced and celebrated over the last 4 years,” said Reviver Entertainment Group Founder, President and CEO David Ross. “DAVMORECORDS was formed in honor of my father, who taught me the importance of hard work, the need to show loyalty and commitment to others and the value of family. I’ve built the Reviver Entertainment Group within that mold.”

Moe Shulman, the “Mo” in DAVMO, is an industry veteran of 8 decades.  He was the head of National Promotion and Marketing at London Records and has worked on campaigns with The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Tom Jones, at the label and its subsidiaries. He’s experienced a colorful and varied career in music, having worked in publishing in the Brill Building and spearheading the promotion department at Alpha Distributors in the northeast, and achieving dozens of #1 records for labels like Motown, Arista, and A&M records.

Reviver Entertainment Group SVP Promotion Bob Reeves and VP Promotion Jim Malito will oversee the DAVMORECORDS Regional Promotional Representatives. Reviver Entertainment Group VP Marketing Paul Williams will act in that capacity for the new imprint as well.