Review: M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard Controller

M-Audio has been at the front of the desktop recording revolution since the company was founded back in the 1980s. Along the way, M-Audio has pioneered many innovative home recording products including MIDI Interfaces, Audio interfaces, keyboard controllers. The new M-Audio Mark Five (MKV) Keyboard controller is the fifth generation of the Oxygen series and continues M Audio’s tradition of technological innovation by delivering a versatile Keyboard controller with advanced features designed to be used by both amateur and Professional Musicians. The M-Audio (MKV) series Keyboard controllers are available in 25, 49 and 61 Keyboard configurations. Technical Specifications across the three Keyboards are almost identical as is the included bundled suite of software.

Features of the M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard controller series shown here include backlit Drum pads, Velocity-sensitive Keys Preset and DAW buttons for auto-mapped DAW controls & plugin parameters. Notable features in the new M-Audio Oxygen (MKV) series Keyboard Controllers include a new Smart Chord mode, Smart Scale mode, an Arpeggiator with Type, Octave, Gate and Swing controls, 2 banks of 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with Note repeat for beat production, 8 assignable knobs for manipulating virtual instruments and plugins, 9 assignable faders and much more.

The M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard controller is a class compliant device and is designed to be powered by your computer’s USB port. No additional drivers are required. Once your respective DAW is selected, the M-Audio Direct Link auto mapping feature allows you to control many commonly used workflow functions including transport, panning, volume levels and fader bank controls as well as plugin functions via the DAW and Preset modes. . All the keyboard’s secondary programming functions can quickly be accessed via depressing the Shift key and the respective Key on the Keypad. A separate Preset Editor is also available for deeper control editing.

Pressing Shift key and one of the velocity-sensitive keys on the keyboard or keypad allows access to the extensive programming options listed on the upper edge of the Keyboard.

With the M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard controller’s Arpeggiator features you can select in which order notes will sound when the keys are pressed. You can select in which the order of which the notes will sound from available options including Up, Down random and Chord and more. You can also control the time and rhythm of the note repeat, as well as options in which the order notes will sound when the keys or keypad is pressed. There is also a gate control which controls the length of the arpeggiated notes as well as swing of each arpeggiated note. The Smart Chord and Scale parameters on the M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard controller selects the notes used in the chosen Smart Chord and Scale settings.

The Smart chord feature can be activated from any key. The Voice function selects which type of full chord will be played when a single key is pressed. There is also a Chord type control which selects which type of musical scale will play when the Smart Chord or Smart scale feature is active.

All the Arpeggiator and Smart Chord functions are designed to be accessed real time and help to enhance M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard controller’s use as a performance Keyboard. Advanced programming and customization, Performance preset capability and more are available allowing the M-Audio Oxygen 61 (MKV) Keyboard controller to be customized to your specific needs.

The M-Audio Oxygen (MKV) Keyboard controllers comes bundled with MPC Beats, Ableton Live Lite and two virtual instruments, Hybrid 3 a multi-oscillator synthesizer and Mini Grand Acoustic Piano. Also included are 60 free lessons from Melodics and a 3-month premium membership to the Skoove interactive Piano teaching method that includes up to 100 free lessons. You also get a collection of three expansion packs from Akai professional Legendary MPC series MPC Beats Producer tool kit., F9 Instruments Beats edition, LANIAKEA Sounds, MSK Audio and ADSR. The more than generous bundle of software that comes with the M-Audio Oxygen (MJV) series Keyboard controllers makes the already affordable price point an easy purchase decision.

The new M-Audio Oxygen (MKV) Keyboard controllers are a great choice for both amateur and professional musicians. If you are just starting out on your musical journey or looking to enhance your musical skill set, you can take advantage of the M-Audio Oxygen (MKV) Keyboard controller’s intelligent user interface and included educational software. If you are a producer looking to upgrade your current keyboard controller or add a second one to your studio or rehearsal room or are looking for a live performance Keyboard controller, the M -Audio Oxygen (MKV) series is a great choice.

The M-Audio Oxygen (MKV) series Keyboard controllers are available now. The price for the Oxygen 25 (MKV) is $129, $179, for the (MKV) Oxygen 49 and $229 for the (MKV) Oxygen 61.

Find out more at m-audio.com and m-audio.com/home/v-series.