Brenton Wood At The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

It was jammed packed Saturday night at the Greek theater in Los Angeles, CA. Young and old people came out to see the legendary Motown singer Brenton Wood as he celebrated 50 years in the music industry. There were a lot of concert-goers waiting anxiously for the doors to open to see their favorite artist live on stage.  Many artists such as Joe Batan, GQ, Tierra, and Little Willie G gave the crowd what they were looking for, that good old fashion music that we all came to grow and love as kids growing up.  Hosted by on-air radio personality Angel Baby, he introduced each artist as they came on stage, hyping the audience and occasionally making them laugh.

As the sun went down, the cool breeze got everyone hyped up with a beer in their hands and dancing to sounds of the Dj mixing their favorite dance music.  R&b singer Amanda Perez was next on stage, the talented artist really spoke to the crowd with her lyrics, people sang along to her music as if they experienced everything she was singing about. Her 2002 hit song “Angel” and “Candy Kisses” is still is a crowd favorite, especially with all the ladies it brought a tear to their eyes.  After all these years, Amanda still knows how to touch our souls.

Phoenix, AZ rapper, songwriter and ex Nasty Boy click member MC Magic thrilled the crowd, he came out stage with a Mexican and American flag to pay respect to both countries he loves.  He started out really energetic, giving roses to many women in the audience which did put a huge smile on their faces. MC Magic has many popular songs such as “Girl I love you”, “Sexy Lady” and “Lies.”  But the 1995’s  “Lost in Love” I think was everyone's favorite since it aired many times on the radio and still to this day. And by the way, the talk box was on point, when he sang most of his songs.  His music is a hit amongst men and women of all ages.

Up and coming soul singer Trish Toledo mesmerized the audience with her angelic voice. The sound of her voice calmed everyone down as they just sat back relaxed and enjoyed her music.  She's one to look for in the music industry, her song “I’m still here” was one song that will never be forgotten.  Up next the very energetic 1976 Midnight Star band ran to the stage with full force and enthusiasm, real masters of ceremonies, Midnight Star made sure everyone in the crowd participated.  “Freak-a-zoid” was a big hit in 1983 and present.  The robotic sounds made everyone move to their feet and yearning for more.  Another hit song was “No Parking” taking it back to the discos days.

The soulful sounds of the legendary Motown group the Dramatics was a huge hit, especially when they sang their famous 1970’s hit song “In the Rain”, and “Whatcha See is Whatcha Get”, both of which were Top 10 hits.  As well as their later 1993 collaboration “Doggy Dogg world” with Snoop Dogg which was a Top 40 and sold 8 million copies.  Snoop was not present at the Greek theater.  Another Motown band The Floaters hit the stage with extreme energy, being as old as they are, these guys still had the moves and the voice to make women scream.  This group is best known for their 1977 song “Float On”, this song and everything about it, just made you feel at ease as the crowd grew restless.

Finally, the man the of the hour, 76-year-old Motown legend whom everyone came to grow and love walked on stage wearing a Zoot suit.  Brenton Wood was always known as a sharp dresser, but that night his orange zoot suit stood out, was very flashy, creased up from head to toe.  Brenton Wood started off talking to the crowd and at one point excepted arose from a woman in the front row. Everyone was just fixated and mesmerized by this man whom brought happiness to a lot of households for many years. His hits songs “Catch you on the Rebound” and “Baby you Got it” lit up the audience as they all helped him to sing along to his hits.  Brenton wood has many more years to thrill and make memories with his fans, he has definitely made history in the music industry. The night was most definitely a night to remember and one for the books.