Retro Doublewide

Retro is giving away a Tube Compressor Module for this week's Freebie

DoubleWide HighRes

The Retro Doublewide is a tube compressor module designed from the ground up for the 500 series. It’s authentic Retro compression for the masses. The Doublewide delivers the tube compression sound you expect because it has four actual variable-mu tubes under the hood. While not precisely like any other tube compressor, the Doublewide methodology takes after the Sta-Level. As such, it excels at processing delicate sources like bass and vocals. It’s all Retro and is built with the same quality components in our U.S. shop alongside our other products.

About the company:

Retro Instruments is changing the way the world sounds by creating classic style audio gear for modern recording. Retro products keep what made the originals the best of the best, updating vintage design with modern features to improve functionality - creating unique and innovative gear that sounds, looks, and feels vintage and state-of-the-art in equal measure. Headquartered in Northern CA, all Retro products are designed and manufactured in the United States, with unparalleled quality, service, and personal attention.

Retail value $995