The Quest for the Ultimate Diva

Ultimate Diva Contest

Voice builder Gary Catona and producer Mark Skelton have launched a new reality show. They've started their quest to find the next Diva, searching for eight voices to take to the next level, along with a ninth contestant from the U.S., to become "The Ultimate Diva" and win a lucrative record deal with a major label.

Catona's mission is to find that exceptional woman, and introduce her to the world. He defines a Diva, "to the true meaning of the word, is a woman of outstanding talent in the world of music having class, elegance, respect, and transmits that to the world.  When you think of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, you recognize a diva."

The show will follow the evolution of these women during a 12 week competition, while being trained by Catona and his ''Ultimate Voice Builder," as well as Hollywood choreographers, producers and songwriters. The contestants will not only be taught how to improve their voices, but will also learn how to manage success.

The eight European finalists will be announced on Dec. 12. For further details, visit: http://ultimatevoicebuilder.com/Singing-contest.html.