PUBLIC Signs with Island Records and Releases 'Make You Mine' Bundle

Pop-rockers PUBLIC, who have just announced their signing with Island Records, have released a new three-track bundle to their viral track “Make You Mine.”

This bundle also includes a brand-new acoustic version of the song.  The track’s viral moment happened on TikTok when over 1 Million videos were made in under three months’ time using “Make You Mine."

“'Make You Mine' is, at its heart, a song about romance, innocence and simpler times," PUBLIC notes. "Holding hands, looking deeply into someone's eyes, and those overwhelming butterflies that come with finally getting to know that person you couldn't stop thinking about. It's become not only a very special tune to us and our fans, but a moment and opportunity for us to encourage our listeners to treat each other with respect and care. To always see each other as human beings—not products or disposable objects. Long live true love.”

More information can be found at publictheband.com.